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“aerotise.com is an online aggregator for advertising agency, businesses and news media houses to get connected with each other for any advertising or marketing related activities.”

Aerotise founded by Anshu Singh on 19th of Jan 2020 at Mumbai, Maharashtra, India in mission to connect ad-maker with ad-giver. 

Aerotise is a one-stop solution for corporates, advertising agencies and news media houses to get connected with each other irrespective of geographical boundaries.  Through Aerotise business may connect with advertising agency, news houses and vice-versa online. The global ad spending of USD $563 billion annually shows that the industry needs an aggregator to strengthen their advertising process functionality. In advertising industry, it is easy for big players to get big clients but it’s hard for small players to even get small clients; however, many times big ad agencies are not able to manage the work-load due to multiples project at time and look for out-house solution. At Aerotise, the ecosystem will be such that business, ad agency and news houses can interchangeably outsource their advertising, marketing and communication needs.



  1. Corporates consumes more time in evaluating best marketing and advertising agencies yet only aware about the top players.

  2. Some advertising agencies are small, informal and unorganized yet creative but due to financial constraints are limited to their own geographical boundaries.

  3. It’s difficult for corporates to track advertising activity progress at agency and are totally dependent on the data provided by client servicing team.

  4. Big agencies getting bigger, small players are losing their competitive advancements due to less outreach

  5. Small corporates at Melbourne can’t connect with big advertisers at New York.

  6. Miss-communication between agency and corporates led to campaign failure.

  7. Business Intelligence for ad activity by Advertising agencies are limited and more often speculated.

  8. News house business development executives spend more waste hours on field resulting wastage man-hours.

  9. If some advertising agency wants to outsource some advertising or marketing work due to work-load or any identified/unidentified reasons their limit to reach other agency are totally dependent on either local players or the owners/company reach.


Aerotise Solution

An online aggregator for corporate marketers, advertising agencies and news media houses.

Eg: Company at Seattle can outsource creative work for agency at Melbourne.

Let the corporates connect to advertising agency and news-house through the digital medium.

Video conferencing between corporates and advertising agency for brainstorming and discussion.

An example statement, Business at Dubai will connect with the advertisers at Mumbai for advertising solution online.


  1. Eliminating cost of visiting to client’s location; further the reach will be more on global scale rather than regional scale irrespective of geographical boundaries, financial constraints, limited resource etc.

  2. Even small businesses and small advertising agencies can connect with each other for advertising work.

  3. There are only few big players in advertising industry and they are more often loaded by big companies marketing advertising projects. However, there are thousands of small advertising agencies who are creative but not big enough; at Aerotise they will get global exposure and global projects.

  4. For news media houses it will reduce wastage man-hours and resources on field.

  5. It helps ad agency and news-houses to build an online ecosystem reducing paper-works by having digitally signed options for bills, negotiations and contracts written; eliminating wastage of capital or human resource due custom designed solutions improving accuracy, transparency and efficiency.  

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